Sand and Sun Shoot with Gabriella Santos Photography


When we take the time to look around and venture out, the world starts to unveil itself as the massively beautiful, amazing place that it is.

Working on collaborations give us a chance to see new places and meet new people we never would be able to if we didn’t branch out in the ways we do. Were we whisked away to the dunes of the Sahara desert? Well yes and no.

It is almost like we stepped into a whole different part of the world for this shoot in the Little Sahara, but it was in our own backyard here in Utah. I am constantly in awe of how incredible Utah is.. and this shoot really shows a different landscape from the walls of green and purple mountains or the red rock canyons that I personally love so much.

This shoot would not have been possible without the extremely talented individuals that we were able to collaborate with.

Photographer/Dress: Gabriella Santos

Location: Little Sahara, UT

Florals: Us!

Models: Carly and Ryan

Makeup: Mckenna Hasson

Hair: Samantha Windley

Invitations: Chynna Hansen Designs